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Gradidio – a gift to you

Published on November 17, 2012 by in Home


Polly Higgins


The Gradido is the solution which learns from nature – and which economists have unknowingly been waiting for!  I commend Bernd Hückstädt’s thought-provoking book for the visionary journey he takes us on, for its easy accessibility and for the Gandhian simplicity of his suggestions.  It is a concept which provides adaptable tools for some of the most complex situations of our time, which avoids the separation of environmental, social, economic and spiritual issues.”

–Diana Schumacher OBE co-founder of the Schumacher Society,the Gandhi Foundation UK, the New Economics Foundation (nef) and   the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF)




Dear Friends,

I bring you a gift. The gift is our Special Edition Gradidio book that you can download for free. Or you can purchase it either as a paperback or as an ebook; when you do, you support the research of the Gradidio Academy and my work. Yes, this is an unusual book – not only in content but in the way it is being presented to the world. The book is by Gradido founder Bernd Hückstädt who has self-published it so that a percentage of all sales goes to us.

Our world is increasingly bringing forth new ideas and deeper levels of engagement; more and more people are examining nature, its models, systems and processes to solve our human problems. Gradidio is such a book – and like nature, it has been born of a collaboration between the author Bernd Hückstädt, many others and myself. The Sponsor Edition has an opening by me – you can read part of it here (click on Preview).

This is a book to share; you can download it here or buy it here. This is a wonderful way of supporting two organisations at the same time.

Gradido – Natural Economy of Life is a monetary and economic model patterned on nature. It proposes a basic starting income for every person, an ample national budget for every country and an additional Equalisation and Environment Fund for decontaminating the environment. The self-regulating system keeps the money supply, and hence prices, stable. Bernd Hückstädt demonstrates how modelling economics on nature can ease previously impoverished countries and the so-called industrialised nations into a system that promotes peace. You can become part of the Gradidio economy by entering their online marketplacehere.

The book is a collaboration – and we believe that by building alliances we can build something far greater than the sum of parts. By buying the book, a pool of funds is created for my work and Bernd’s – and if you like what you read, please spread the word!

With gratitude,



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