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Harper: Act Now Before Chief Theresa Spence Dies

Published on December 22, 2012 by in Home



Charlie Angus
Huffington Post


Chief Spence has put her life on the line. This is not a game. This is not a stunt.

Chief Theresa Spence hasn’t eaten in over 11 days. The weather has taken a big turn for the worse and her tent home on Victoria Island is far from ideal. With Christmas week upon us, there is a real danger that the war room gamers in the Prime Minister’s office will think they can simply wait this one out. It would be a terrible miscalculation. Make no mistake, as Ottawa shuts down for the holidays, this hunger strike is entering a very volatile and high stakes phase.

I’ve been deeply worried about the timing of this Christmas hunger strike since Chief Spence first announced her attentions back on December 10. On the day she started her strike, Parliamentarians were focused on getting home for the holidays. It hardly seemed like an auspicious time to begin such a drastic action. She walked up to Parliament Hill with only a handful of supporters. There was no media present. I met her at the Eternal Flame and presented her with some presents of friendship — wool socks, a candle and a tartan blanket. I asked her to reconsider her decision. She wasn’t budging. This was a serious business and she told me she wasn’t backing down.

I knew then I was watching the beginning of a revolution. MORE

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