Fundamental Justice and Earth Law for the 99% 

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The Team

Principles and values

Our Principles


○ Creating a law against ecocide to change the rules and prevent harm to the Earth is a visionary approach.

○ We seek to be visionary throughout the campaign, showing how it is possible to do things a different way.

○ Our whole approach involves being creative, imaginative and innovative in whatever we do.


○ To inspire people with a positive campaign.

○ We speak about an inspiring vision for change in the future.

○ The aim of the campaign is serious, but the way we do it can also be fun!


○ We all share one Earth. This is a campaign for people everywhere around the world, women and men, adults and children, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, whatever your race, ethnicity, nation or colour of skin.

○ We the people, corporations, governments, groups and organisations, the usual and unusual voices – this campaign aims to be unifying, bringing us all together.

○ We challenge those who are doing harm to the environment: we challenge constructively, seeking dialogue rather than confrontation. We recognise that everyone is capable of change.


○ The campaign to eradicate ecocide is not owned by the current central campaign team, it is a mission and a responsibility shared by anyone around the world.

○ We believe new leaders are to be found everywhere: individuals, groups, organisations, governments and corporations can all have leaders speaking out in favour of making ecocide a crime.

○ The campaign is open source: we ask to take action in whatever way you can and we ask you to be true to the principles set out here. We ask you to share what you are doing with us and others, so we can all spread good ideas to others and build action and momentum.


○ We shall move as fast as possible to make ecocide an international crime – it is an urgent priority for the world.

○ We are also determined and will stay the course, no matter how long it takes.

○ Throughout we will find ways to keep our vision, stay inspired and inspire others, unify people and collaborate with many – to achieve amazing things together.

Our Values

We believe that love for people and planet comes first. We have faith that we can help change the systems, to create a system that places caring as our primary aim. Our belief is that we can create a world of peace. A world full of compassion and love; a world that believes in the sacredness of life; a world where there is joy, courage and laughter. A world worth living in – for us and for future generations.

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