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Ecocide Sentencing Event March 31st, 2012

On the 30th day of September 2011, a mock trial was held in the Supreme Court of England and Wales where Chief Executive Officer Mr. Bannerman of Global Petroleum Company (GPC) and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tench of Glamis Group were both found guilty in a unanimous decision by the Jury for committing Ecocide contrary to section 1(1) and section 2 of the Ecocide Act 2010 for their oil extraction operations in the Canadian tar sands.On 31st March 2012, the Sentencing and Restorative Justice Hearing of Bannerman and Tench took place at the University of Essex.


Restorative justice used for the first time in sentencing of chief executives found guilty of environmental damage
April 3, 2012 

A mock sentencing has shown for the first-time how international law could force chief executives of corporations to make amends for ecocide – the destruction of ecosystems.

After going through a process of restorative justice, Robert Bannerman, CEO of Global Petroleum Company (GPC) had his sentence deferred for six months to ensure the actions agreed to were carried out. His co-defendant John Tench, CEO of Glamis Group, who refused to take part in the restorative justice process, was sentenced to four years in prison.

Both were found guilty last year at a mock trial in The Supreme Court in London, of allowing their companies to cause extensive damage to ecosystems at a site in Canada due to extraction from the Athabasca Tar Sands. Their actions were found to have killed hundreds of birds and diminished the ability of inhabitants to enjoy the area peacefully.

During the restorative justice process, Mr Bannerman was supported by the Chairman of GPC’s pension fund and the company’s Chief Sustainability Officer. On the side of the victims, voice was given to Future Generations, Wider Humanity, Indigenous Peoples, Birds and the Earth. Download the full Press Release

See the position paper, Closing the Door to Dangerous Industrial Activity, here. See the Summary here. Please send these papers to Members of Parliament.

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