Fundamental Justice and Earth Law for the 99% 

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What You Can Do

What can you do?

Help us to take our proposal out to as many people as you can.
We have less than 6 months to build a global network of supporters and for each one to take action – it is possible to reach our goals, but only with your help.

1. Speak out The more engagement there is around the proposal, the stronger we become.
2. Use your power – ask others to speak out In our networked world you are probably only one or two people away from someone who can influence government or reach many people to tell them about Ecocide.
3. Take action Imagine what you can do! 2012 is the year when we can decide what happens next. Each of us can become a participant in the game of life, stepping forward to say what it is we want. How can you capture people’s imagination and inspire them to speak up for making Ecocide a crime?

The campaign to make Earth law can only happen with your help.

See the position paper, Closing the Door to Dangerous Industrial Activity, here. See the Summary here. Please send these papers to Members of Parliament.

Below are some things you can do. Have other ideas? Please contact us and share your suggestions.

If you have 10 seconds…

  • Join our mailing list (the signup form is on the right of the home page)

If you have 1 minute…

  • Email a friend — send them a link to this website and tell them why they might be interested
  • Post a link on Facebook — tell your friends why the Ecocide campaign is important

If you have 10 minutes…

If you have 1 hour…

If you have more time…

Remember to keep it positive, make it fair and remind everyone involved that the aim of making Ecocide a crime is ultimately to prevent environmental destruction happening in the first place.

Find out more

Find out more, download materials and join the international online community at


Press coverage

The Guardian: The business plan to stop Ecocide
Resurgence: What will your legacy be?
Failure at Durban – is there a crime of Ecocide?
Time Magazine: Is Ecocide a Crime?
Deutsche Welle: UK Supreme Court explores ecocide in mock trial
CNBC: Moment of Reckoning?
See more at


Al Jazeera: Earthrise: Big thinker Polly Higgins
Polly Higgins with Hub Culture at Durban COP17, World Climate Summit, Dec 2011
London School of Economics Lecture: Eradicating Ecocide, laws and governance to prevent the
destruction of our planet, May 2011

Polly Higgins Public Lecture at James Cook University, Sep 2011
AlertNet: Environmental lawyer Polly Higgins on criminalising Ecocide, Feb 2011
Environmental lawyer and wild law advocate David Hart
Environmental lawyer Andrew Waite on ecocide and equilibrium


You can read the book by Polly Higgins, Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governance to Prevent the Destruction of our Planet, winner of The Peopleʼs Book Prize for non-fiction, 2011.

The courtroom is where Polly started her journey: from the day she looked out of the window when at court and thought ‘the Earth is in need of a good lawyer’ to taking Earth law and a campaign to eradicate ecocide to the world. Find out more about Polly at

Lessons to learn from the 20th century: we ended apartheid, we closed the door of genocide. Each time we created law to outlaw that which was wrong. We can do the same again, this time to end the era of ecocide.

What are people saying about Ecocide?

Find out here

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