Everything that you need to know about rav.exe

Everything that you need to know about rav.exe post thumbnail image

Rav.exe was originally developed by BRTL (Beijing Raising Technology Limited). If you notice it in your windows system, you should think of it as a very normal file process. The process is also referred to as Rising Antivirus and it is a product of Rising Antivirus software (2008). This is a process or a file that is located by default in the c:program files. This is a process that gets installed automatically from the software that you install. Most of your data is being stored in your system registry and computer hard disk there is a likelihood that your system has gone through fragmentation. It may also accumulate invalid entries that can affect the performance of your computer.
Through your window task manager, it can be very easy and simple. To know the network and the disk or even the process that is allowing the rav.exe process to run and ask is rav antivirus safe? This is a file that contains the machine code.
Is rav.exe harmful?
Although rav.exe has not been assigned a rating yet, the file and process should be located in the c:programfilerisingrav folder otherwise, it can end up being a virus. This is to mean that not all rav.exe files are safe, some of them can be hiding in the umbrella of the main file and it can be harmful to your windows.
Can rav.exe be stopped?
Rav.exe is not a system process and this means that it can easily be stopped. As long as it is not involved in the running of your operating system, you can choose to discontinue its operations. You can choose to leave the system running or you can decide to ruin it completely. First, you have to make sure that you are not dealing with malware by asking if rav antivirus is safe?


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