The Necklace Made Of Pics: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Necklace Made Of Pics: A Step-By-Step Guide post thumbnail image

Image pendants are a fun way to maintain your recollections in just one modest part of jewellery. You can show off to everyone the things you adore most with this fun and unique strategy! They’re an easy task to make, way too! Read on for your move-by-phase instructions on the way to make your own personal memorial gifts.

Helpful Tips On Making Image Pendant

Cut out a graphic from a well used journal or newspapers that is certainly purposeful for your needs. It ought to be a minimum of 2 inches vast by 3 inches substantial thus it will fit throughout the chain when completed. Following, put it experience down on a flat surface and use an opaque paint marker to trace throughout the photo. Then you can remove the picture and color it inside that place.

This is exactly what your colored picture may be like when completed. Don’t forget about to permit dried up before moving on! It’s greatest to work alongside small pictures because it could possibly get a bit messy if you’re working together with larger sized pieces of papers or cardstock. It will be useful to adhesive tape down some sides so that they don’t curl up while artwork (I didn’t accomplish this, having said that i experienced no issue).

Also, ensure to not use too much painting – bear in mind, it will come throughout the sequence back links! Because my picture was monochrome, I used pinkish aqua painter’s tape just for this art task instead of masking fluid which may only turn up over darkish types of surface (the system functions very well!).

Also you can make the image necklace utilizing very clear window cabochons to secure your picture as an alternative to piece of art. This really is the best way to use up all of those extra pieces you might have lying all around!

Now it’s time to remove the coloured picture so there are no white corners showing through when concluded. I utilized typical scissors given that my part was tiny, but when yours is greater or has elaborate particulars. Use sandpaper or good-grit sanding obstruct to clean any tough places left through the paper cutter. Don’t worry about cleaning off every little bit of paint – many will get rubbed off during wear anyways!


Image necklaces will help conserve your preferred thoughts for a long time. This enjoyable art is a great idea and a easy way to generate lasting keepsakes!

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